brain savvy (hu)mentoring for well beings

Services offered through Prosilient Minds

Prosilient Minds offers a variety of services that address personal, professional, relational, and/or organizational health, growth, and well-being. Clients are interested in mind, brain, and relationship; and often work in creative and progressive businesses; psychotherapy; medicine and other healing professions; law, education, performing arts, and sports.
  • Consultations are offered for individuals, adults in family relationships, teams, groups, and organizations.
  • Leaders and others who mentor can consult for their own personal/professional development.
  • Coaching with the added expertise of a psychologist is privately available for executives.
  • Other services include clinical supervision and psychotherapy.
What do you get when you mix together a mind coach, a brain savvy change maker, and a psychologist with expertise in human systems?

All services are infused with information and new experiences, helping you reach your personal, professional, and organizational goals for growth and change while exploring the science and art of well-being. Dr. Pearce-McCall's approach has been described as integrative, systemic, mindful, nurturing, engaged, inventive, collaborative, and holistic.
Prosilient means to leap forth.
Research in mindful awareness and mind skills development, conversational and relational methods that promote connection and co-creation, and methods to promote a calm, balanced, and healthier nervous system, show us the paths to becoming prosilient. With Prosilient Minds, we are ready to take the leaps to turn challenges into progress, and to expand our capacity for presence, partnering, and leading to well.
With Prosilient Minds, we go beyond bouncing back, to leaping forward into every day, getting wiser as we go.

By understanding key scientific information and enlivening it with your own experiences, you learn how to walk the spiraling path of integration, which moves your life and the lives of those around you toward well-being, coherence, deeper connection, and sustainable prosilience.

Executive, Leadership, and Team Coaching

Combining information from studies of relational systems, neuroscience, leadership research, mindfulness studies, and the process of change, Prosilient Minds provides Interpersonal Neurobiology informed consultations that can help you, your relationship, your team, or your organization become wiser about putting your minds and brains to work for you.

Additional certifications in the high impact methodologies of Conversational Intelligence® and HeartMath®¹ Resilience Training provide practical and powerful information that can be brought into individual and team coaching. See your progress in measures that tap your emotional and social intelligence and mindsight capacities, your physiology and regulation skills, and your ability to create trust and transformational conversations.

Dr. Pearce-McCall brings years of experience as a highly successful catalyst for health and change, through her work as a psychologist, business executive, educator, consultant, and community and program builder.

"Debra came to our business at a time when we were struggling with internal communication among our key staffers. She worked with us in a compassionate way, teaching us the science behind how the brain works and specifically how it responds to certain forms of communication. Her work helped us immediately and continues to guide the way I communicate with others inside and outside the workplace." 

  R.T., Business Founder and CEO

Read Debra's article, cowritten with Daniel J. Siegel, one of the founders of the field of interpersonal neurobiology, exploring this mindful, relational, impactful approach to leadership here.

Coaching for Folks Who Mentor Minds

No matter who we are, we lead from "the inside out". Are you a leader or a coach, who realizes that your mind and your capacity for solid relationships are keys to how well you do your work? If so, you can learn the interpersonal neurobiology of mentoring and leading, and infuse your work with the latest information about the science of being human. And best of all, you will get to learn this through your own private individual or group consultations, where you can immerse in the material and consider professional and personal applications that just might change your life!

"Debra is terrific. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic... particularly intriguing. Thank you for the wonderful work!" 

"You have such a strong and kind soul. Such a brilliant mind and a generous heart."

      Comments from folks coached in mentoring

Clinical mentoring and supervision

An AAMFT Approved Supervisor since the 1990s and a licensed psychologist supervising and training since the 1980s, Dr. Pearce-McCall has years of experience teaching, training, and supervising clinicians of all licensure types, including PhDs, LMFTs, LPCS, LCSWs, MDs, and PMHNPs, individually and in interdisciplinary groups. This work occurred in private consultations, group and agency settings, classrooms and workshops. She is also on the Oregon Supervisory Registry. Private clinical mentoring and supervision use the integrative framework of systems and IPNB, which allows illumination and resourcing of most therapeutic models in use today.

She provides supervision of supervision for licensed mental health professionals who are becoming clinical supervisors, as well as consultation for those who supervise, manage, and lead in any healthcare setting.

Interpersonal neurobiology focused study and consultation groups may be available, as well as individual consultation or consults with your already existing group.

Hours toward supervision certification or licensure may be possible.

(Sent years after supervision had ended) "It is not unusual for me to be thinking about a case, perhaps a therapeutic or ethical issue I am weighing, and many times I will find myself recalling and drawing upon my experiences with you as my supervisor. I just want you to know that I CONTINUE to benefit from having had you as my supervisor! Thank you so much for the positive, rich and affirming experience that you provided and that continues to be a solid foundation I build upon!"

M.W., Licensed therapist

Read Debra's article in the OAMFT Fall 2010 publication, about her own experiences with supervision through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology, here.

Private Psychotherapy

Dr. Pearce-McCall is a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist who combines psychology, relational theories, and mind-body science to bring a holistic approach to personal growth. You might be interested in therapy to understand your self better; to increase your sense of engagement, contentment, and balance in life; to improve your relationships; to change patterns of behavior or thinking that aren't supporting your health and well-being.

A collaborative exploration of concerns, resources, and your unfolding potential, psychotherapy is a time to focus on yourself, your mind, and your life. My overall organizing framework is based on systems and IPNB; I draw ideas from many models of mindfulness, relationship, and change based on what emerges in our conversations. We will consider a variety of ways for you to do your work, depending upon what fits your best ways of exploring and creating the changes you seek, and the compassion you deserve.

At this time, Dr. Pearce-McCall is only able to take new clients who are paying privately or using out-of-network insurance benefits.

To paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes:

A human being's mind, once stretched by a new idea or understanding, never returns to it's original dimensions.

Presenting and Speaking

Keynotes, panels, half or full day workshops are available to take participants on journeys through IPNB applications to leadership and organizations; psychotherapy and education; brain, mind, and well-being in adult relationships at work and home; and the ethics of wisdom and compassion - professional ethics for many, personal ethics for all. All talks are designed to engage, inform, and impact.

Conversational Intelligence® and HeartMath®¹ Resilience Training provide practical and powerful information that can be brought into workshops as fabulous stand-alones or combined with other material.

"So much information in so little time but it wasn't at all overwhelming. Great coherence and flow! And enough to keep the tendrils of inquiry expanding and growing and connecting."

"The delightful personality of the presenter along with her exercises was extremely engaging."

"Very warm, knowledgeable, and approachable. Excellent communication and teaching skills."

Comments from Workshop Participants

                                                                    ¹HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. Featured Presenter