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Prosilient Minds provides leadership, life, and relational coaching and consultations for all who mentor (leaders of all kinds, coaches, therapists and other healthcare professionals, educators). The mind is our window to the health of our inner lives and our communication and connection capacities. When we attend to and strengthen our mind skills, our well-being increases in many ways - and we become 'prosilient' - able to not just bounce-back, but to leap forward, meeting difficulties and delights as invitations for growth and expansion.

Executive coaching, organizational consulting, and more available utilizing powerhouse approaches of Conversational Intelligence®, HeartMath®¹ and the metaframework of
interpersonal neurobiology. Customized presentations, trainings, and workshops can be designed to meet your organization's needs, on topics integrating mind, brain, and relating. Special application areas include mentoring and leadership, everyday and professional ethics, creating a culture of mindful relating and healthy human systems.

Private psychotherapy and clinical supervision are available on a limited basis.

Why Prosilient Minds

I developed my systemic, interdisciplinary perspective on wellness and change working in clinics, academic settings, corporate management, and private practice. My studies of psychology and the mind, human systems and relationships, and the process of change toward wellness, began in the 1970s - and I've been delighted by many of those ideas becoming very well-supported by science and practice over the years. (Pictured is the first paper I wrote on The Mind - actually the first paper I ever had to write - done in the sixth grade!) In recent years, I've been passionate about expanding applications for the integrative field and framework of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), a way to consider mind and relationships and brain interacting in our whole of human experience. 

Compassionately understanding our minds and developing them builds stronger personal and work relationships; learning certain keys of relating to ourselves and others builds resilient minds and healthier brains. Imagine the possibilities when people are applying the latest information about optimizing our minds, brains, and relationships - in workplaces, in families, in communities. I help people integrate and apply the latest information about the science and art of well-being in their lives and work.

Congruent with thousands of scientific findings from over a dozen disciplines, IPNB illuminates the importance of applying what we know about mind and relationship to our selves, to others, and to our groups, organizations, and families. Doing so helps us develop healthier minds and brains/bodies, increasing our compassion, connection, and communication skills as well as our ability to focus and be productive, and our sense of balance and vitality.

Though it's a very big picture, "meta" framework, IPNB is also an incredibly practical and science-based guide to mental, relational, and physical health, for any level of human system, based on consilient findings from over a dozen scientific disciplines. This is why it impacts leadership and organizations as powerfully as it impacts coaching or psychotherapy or education or parenting or loving, and people's hearts and minds on a personal plane. I call it "Systems 3.0" because it brings that interconnected perspective of emergent and complex interactions, to the workings within and among our amazing brains, minds, and hearts.

My specialty is translating all this powerful knowledge into customized, interesting, impacting conversations, presentations, workshops, and more. My clients and audiences consistently tell me I bring welcoming energy, enthusiasm, humor, and wisdom that open up possibilities; make sharing, risking, and learning safe and fun; and weave science and practical applications together in enjoyable, illuminating, and transforming ways. I call it "prosilient" minds because of my deep fascination with the human mind and our capacity to creatively evolve. We can be brilliantly prosilient when we understand our social brains and the keys from science and wisdom traditions that move us to WEll Being.

I sought and continue to seek specific training in deep and rich methods to impact positive and sustainable change on all levels. Whether you are interested in personal growth, professional development, or improvements for a team or organization - let's talk about making it happen.


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Founder, Debra Pearce-McCall

Dr. Pearce-McCall, the founder of Prosilient Minds, is a psychologist who has been an educator, innovator, and leader in the field of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB). She serves on the board of directors and helped grow an international organization for people from multiple disciplines who apply IPNB in their work, the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies, currently, as Past-President. She has also served as Co-Editor of their unique publications with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, and has been Editor for GAINS e-books, one honoring IPNB pioneer Allan N. Schore, PhD, and one on The Power of Play. She was a core creator of the first academic certificate program in IPNB, now housed at PCC Institute for Healthcare Professionals, where she teaches her specialty, the everyday ethical applications of the science of our relating minds and brains – to power, compassion, well-being, and wisdom. She has taught courses on adult well-being, leadership, mentoring, professional ethics, and more, at a number of different universities, and now presents keynotes and workshops in these specialty areas.

Debra has published articles and book chapters about leadership, clinical supervision, organizational and personal wellness, boundary ambiguity in families, and psychology, including the seminal article applying interpersonal neurobiology to leadership, Mindsight at Work, co-authored with one of the field's founders, Daniel J. Siegel, MD.

A member of the CreatingWE Institute as a psychologist and senior consultant, Dr. Pearce-McCall consulted to and participated in the inaugural Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Certification program. She continues to co-create with Judith E. Glaser, internationally recognized coach and creator of C-IQ, on a variety of projects extending the powerful ideas of C-IQ. In addition to that certification, she is also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, Certified in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), and a Member of the Right Use of Power Guild. She is an invited member of AFTA and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor (also on the Oregon Supervision Registry). She maintains licensure as a psychologist and as a relationship therapist. Her degrees are from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, and University of Minnesota. Her best teachers have been her clients, her children, and her experiences as a leader, healer, teacher, and human-just-being.

She has a private coaching, consulting and psychotherapy practice, and is based in Portland, Oregon, with a comfortable, welcoming office in downtown's beautiful West End. Conference room also available.

Depending on the situation, meetings for individuals, teams, study groups, and organizations can be scheduled at her office, virtually, or at your site.

Contact Prosilient Minds and Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, through this form. Not intended for highly confidential information.
¹ HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc.