brain savvy (hu)mentoring for well beings

Prosilient means leaping forth...

  • PROSILIENT MINDS happen when we apply the latest discoveries about our brains, our minds, and our relationship capacity and power to our everyday lives.
  • PROSILIENT MINDS develop awareness, intention, reflection, and responsiveness.
  • People with PROSILIENT MINDS are authentic, engaged and impactful.
  • Relating from PROSILIENT MINDS brings deeper connection and communication capacities.
With PROSILIENT MINDS, many challenges transform into opportunities for leaping forward, revealing potentials for discovery, development, and meaningful progress and the paths toward realizing them. Every day becomes another chance to stretch, spark, and grow.

Integrated Method

 combines systems perspectives with the sciences of being human (like psychology and relational science, neuroscience and biology) 

Prosilient Minds skills, like awareness, intention, self-regulation, mindful communication, can be practiced and developed. Based on findings from numerous scientific disciplines, the consilient field of interpersonal neurobiology offers a powerful working definition of the healthy mind, expanding a definition I learned years earlier, when a big thinker named Bateson called mind - the pattern that connects.

Systemic and emergent ways of understanding the human mind are essential to the Prosilient Minds approach. A deep appreciation for all kinds of minds, and the integration of multiple ways to develop mind skills are lifelong pursuits for PM's founder. (I still have the first paper I wrote about the mind, completed at age 12!)
In what ways do you want to know, grow, and evolve your mind?

We say 'the brain' for short, though our human experience really involves our entire nervous systems, from the brains in our skulls to the information broadcast by the neurons in our guts or those surrounding our hearts. An explosion of research continually gives us amazing insights into the workings of our brain/bodies - showing us some keys to regulation of stress and understanding emotions, promoting neuroplasticity, calmer minds, and greater health and well-being.

Prosilient Minds applies this to motivate, inspire, illuminate, and help make the process of change easier for people and organizations.

We can use our amazing minds to learn about, and then to 'notice and nudge' our brains and nervous systems toward patterns that support our well-being. Want to learn how?


Humans are made to be connected; our nervous systems resonate with social information; healthy relationships contribute greatly to a sense of well-being and have measurable impact on our actual physical health. The best work outcomes and the happiest families happen when folks relate well.

Relationships yield our greatest pleasures and yet can also be our biggest sources of stress, conflict, and suffering. Our minds can learn about our social brains, move from reactive to reflective and responsive, and become prosilient in how we relate.

Prosilient Minds facilitates learning specific skills to build trusting, life enhancing, productive and prosilient relationships at work and home. And relating well supports healthier minds and brains. If you work through relationships, bring mind and brain savvy skills to your (hu)mentoring!

Prosilient Minds integrates mind, brain, and relating to focus on facilitating healthy and optimal human systems, and increasing personal, relational, and planetary well-being. Coaching, consultation, and training available for leaders, coaches, healers, and all who want to infuse their (hu)mentoring with neuroscience, relational psychology, and mindful presence. 

Psychotherapy and clinical supervision are available on a limited basis. Inquire about availability. Consultations are available individually and for your group. Depending upon the services, meetings may be held at our office in downtown Portland Oregon, through the use of virtual communications, or on-site. Contact Prosilient Minds to discuss opportunities.